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    Is there a way to set a JaxWS connection timeout which works for CXF and Native


      I have been playing with using an RPC MEP to drive transaction completion in the XTS client code. Previously the implementation employed two one way messages, a Commit from the client to the completion services followed by a Comitted or Aborted from the completion service back to the client. Switching to an RPC MEP has the significant advantage that the client does not need to expose a service endpoint.


      I now have a working prototype version of the RPC based service but I find that I am hostage to the timeout behaviour of the underlying JaxWS RPC exchange. The transaction completion service may take a long time to implement the termination trequest because it may need to negotiate with a plethora of distributed web services first to prepare them and then to complete them. So, even though the service host is alive and busy processing the request (hence should be able to retain an open TCP connection or answer UDP based pings) my client may time out the request.


      I would like to be able to configure my own timeout for the completion request, probably so that it does not actually time out. I found the following thread explaining how to configure the timeout for a WS-Native JaxWS port


      This is fine if you are using Native. However, my code needs both to compile and run using either CXF or Native.


      1. Is there also a way of configuring the timeout in JBossWS-CXF?
      2. Is there a way of doing this so it runs on either stack
      3. Is there a way of doing this so it compiles on either stack?


      Ok, one final request (althoguh it is probably a long shot)


      It would be useful if this configuration option were defined in the JaxWS standard. Is there any chance of this?