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    On selectonemenu change uncheck checkbox?

    Dan Acuff Newbie

      I have to uncheck a selectBooleanCheckbox lower down in the form IF it is checked.

      So I added the showOnWebAjx id to the reRender shown below.


      <h:selectOneMenu id="estatus" value="#{itemHome.instance.estatus}"
          <f:selectItems id="estatuses"
              value="#{mconsoleContext.ecometryItemStatusCodes}" />
          <a:support event="onchange"
              reRender="showOnWebAjx, ecycleWeeksAjx, orderSizeFoodPoAjx, upcAjx, kitAjx, preOrderAjx, priorityProcessingAjx"
              ajaxSingle="true" />


      I don't know how to uncheck the box but with the below code I can tell when it is C1 or H1 (2 of the values where we want to uncheck the box, the rest of the time we do nothing)



      <s:decorate id="showOnWebFlagDecoration"
          <ui:define name="label">#{messages.showOnWebFlag}</ui:define>
      <a:outputPanel id="showOnWebAjx">
      <c:if test="#{'C1' eq itemHome.instance.estatus || 'H1' eq itemHome.instance.estatus}">UNCHECK showOnWebFlag!!</c:if>
          <h:selectBooleanCheckbox id="showOnWebFlag"


      The a:outputPanel and c:if test are my additions.


      What is the proper / correct way to uncheck that box?