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    modifying Jboss classpath

    nag9s Newbie

      I have a jar file named "xyz.jar" that have the file "abc.xml" and I have one more file with same name "abc.xml" not bundled with "xyz.jar" . I would like to have the JBoss to see the "abc.xml" which isnt bundled with "xyz.jar" in the first place before it sees the one that is bundled with "xyz.jar". The reason is , the file "abc.xml" that placed externally can be exposed for modification and that way Jboss can see that modification without restarting the server.

      How can I achieve this .. I mean how can I set the classpath for Jboss to see the "abc.xml" that isnt bundled with "xyz.jar" in the first place ? Can someone share some ideas on this ..