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    Task Assignment not saved in DB?

    Jimmy Smith Newbie

      I'm using jBPM 4.4 and cannot see the assignement of tasks being logged. I implemented a custom History Session and the event is most certainly fired, but not persisted in the DB. (TaskAssign event - I could see all the info I needed in this event, but not in the DB)


      Is this a bug? Or must I still do something in code and/or configuration to get this working?


      Its a history feature we urgently need, to determine how long the actual working time on a task is, or how long it was 'open' before someone actually took it up.


      From what I see in the Database, every task only has one history record. I would like a record for every event on a task. A task could have a complete audit trail then:


      - task created

      - task assigened

      - task status changed

      - task released

      - task assigned

      - task completed