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    RichFaces - Seam - PortletBridge - Servlet - Jasperreports

    Adriano Porto Newbie

      Hi guys,


      i have the following scenario:

      An application build using richfaces, seam, portletbridge on JBoss EPP 5.0.

      This application was build as follow:



      A portlet that have a form and the parameters set on this form build a graphic and a table with results.

      In this portlet i have a option to build a report. This report is build using jasperreports.

      I build a servlet to output the report to client browser.

      My question is:


      How can i send the array of bytes of the report to the servlet. On managed bean if a set these bytes on request or in the session, when the request arrives in the servlet there is nothing. If i use sendRedirect, on my Managed Bean, the attributes (on session or in request) are empty, if i use forward same thing happen.


      How can i send byte[] from a managed bean to a servlet? and what is the best way to redirect from my managed bean to a servlet? Why Sean doesn´t syncronize the portlet session/request with web session/request?