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    Session Management

    Suguna Venkateswaran Newbie



      We have been looking for a standards based session management solution for our Java WS based SOA solution running on JBoss 4.2.3 and currently moved to JBoss 5.

      We were considering the WS-Context based session management as it was widely recommended in a few of the earlier posts. There seem to be no open source implementation available for the same. Also, checked out the JBoss ESB as it is supposed to have WS-Context and WS-Addressing support built in. Have posted to the WS-transactions forum as well. These have not been of much help. Am I missing the obvious?

      For the Security/Authorization needs we have been considering the PicketLink solution; have a rudimentary integration in place with Authz. Can you tell me if PicketLink supports session handling. If not, what would be a good solution for the same other than the URL rewriting, Cookies or SSL ID based session management? Any pointers in this regard is greatly appreciated.




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          Anil Saldanha Master

          WS-Context implementation is the responsibility of the SOAP stack.  So IMO it is better addressed by an implementation such as Apache CXF.

          PicketLink provides identity management solution. It does not address state information for WS.


          In the absence of ws-c, I suspect you will have to handle it yourself or try to implement some kind of handlers to a soap stack to handle the ws-context information in the soap headers.