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    Problem with eclipse IDE, problem to publish a portlet

    Tiago Fraga Newbie

      Hi, I´m new in GateIn, and I am having any problems.


      The first: with Eclipse integration.

      Is there a way to integrate the Gatein and eclipse? I need run my project on Eclipse and the portlet runs into eclipse. I need degub step-by-step my project into the eclipse. I need test my portlet into the eclipse. Is this possible with gatein?

      Today, I make my portlet, I make a build, I publish this war file and I try out of eclipse. But, when there a error, the portal doesn´t available the portlet, and I cann´t figure out what´s wrong!!!!!! There is no error log! There is no anything!!!!


      My second problem is descouvery a error into the portlet. I´ve created a portlet from scratch and I tryed publish! But was failed! My portlet using JSF, Richfaces, xhtml. It is basic! When I don´t use JSF, I can publish a portlet without errors. But when I using JSF, I cann´t publish my portlet. I´ve already seeked how I can solve this problem, but again, I´ve failed!


      Anybody can help me?


      And, sorry my English, I don´t speak this language!!