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    rich:columns official workaround not working for me! :(

    IGC eee Newbie

      Hi, I don't see many people using rich:columns component but I'm having a lot of trouble with it. I couldn't manage to get it working although I've read about using non-id'd components and embedding inside a dataTable -with their corresponding workarounds:

      Here is my code, which at the time is only showing #{soc.desc} (rich:column IS working, unlike rich:columns) and none of the contents of rich:columns is being rendered. In fact, there's no generated HTML for either the rich:columns tag or its nested components:

       <rich:dataTable value="#{sociedad.socList}" var="soc" index="fila" rowClasses="fila_impar, fila_par">
       <rich:column id="desc_filas">
       <h:outputText value="#{soc.desc}" />
       <c:forEach items="#{sociedad.listaSociedades}" var="soci">
       <rich:columns value="#{soci.listaFases}" var="fasei"
       index="ind" id="column#{ind}">
       <f:facet id="fct#{ind}" name="header">
       <h:outputText id="outp#{ind}" value="#{fasei.desc}"/>
       <h:outputText id="outpt#{ind}" value="#{fasei.numRegistros}" />

      and part of my java:
      //class beanController
      private List<Subproyecto> listaSociedades = new ArrayList<Subproyecto>();
      ...getters and setters for listaSociedades...
      //class Subproyecto
      String desc="";
      List<Fase> listaFases = new ArrayList<<Fase>();
      (Also Subproyecto has its corresponding getters and setters for each attribute)
      //class Fase
      String desc="";
      int numRegistros=0;
      (getters and setters and other stuff)

      What's wrong with it? I've tried several combinations to try to get it to work but didn't succeed. I've wasted hours with this and I've got a lot of other important things to do so please help!