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    Jboss Portal + Richfaces 3.0 + Primefaces - Will it work?

    Shashidhar Yarabati Newbie

      Hi there


      Well, let me come to the point straight forward.

      We are using Jboss Portal server 4.3_05, Richfaces 3.0 in our project. Life is good so far.


      We would like to have the feasibility to resize datatable/scrollabledatatable ( will matters?) on the browser. It should be custmaziable to client from the browser. While walking through, we came to know primefaces resiable is the component we should use.


      As a draft first I tried adding below line to one of my scrollable data table in our application.


      <p:resizable minWidth="950" minHeight="160" maxWidth="950" maxHeight="360"  />


      I don't see the scrollable data table component allows me to resize. No idea why it is. I even tried this for simple textbox as well, but of no use.


      Can any one of you tell me please, the combination I mentioned will work first of all?


      Cheers & Have a good day.