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    failover on server shutdown

    Jeff Mesnil Master

      in the new HA code, backup node is not activated when the live node is cleanly shutdown.

      Failover is triggered on the server-side when the backup node detects that the live node has crashed.


      We have a failoverOnServerShutdown property on the server locator that the client uses to trigger failover on a clean server shutdown.

      However, with the new HA behavior, it is of no use: if the live server has cleanly shutdown, the backup server is not activated and there is no server to fail over to.

      This also implies that in ClientSessionFactoryImpl.failoverOrReconnect(), if the live server was cleanly shutdown, we must not failover to the backup since this one will not be activated.

      The logic becomes simply:


      boolean attemptFailover = (backupConfig != null) && !serverShutdown;


      I'll remove the failoverOnServerShutdown property and fix the failover logic in ClientSessionFactoryImpl.failoverOrReconnect()