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    Migration from JSF1.2  to JSF2

    pomcompot Newbie



      I have some questions about a potential migration from JSF 1.2 to JSF 2 (and below from RichFaces 3.3 to RichFaces 4.x) :

      • Will it need some adaptations of existing code ? We are already using Facelet mechanism. Is there some points of RichFaces 3.x that must not be used in order to provide a better migration to JSF 2 ?
      • What are the best practices to minimize migration cost ?
      • Concerning the AJAX support offered by RichFaces, JSF 2 has a support of AJAX. Does it change anything if we are using AJAX components of RichFaces ?
      • Does the RichFaces resource framework mechanism (resource:///) will be preserved ?


      Thanks in advance for your highlights.