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    stop a running/hanging MDB/EJB instance

    Christian Lorenz Newbie



      I'm developing an application which must download some files via HTTP/FTP. This is done by an MDB, which uses a specific client for the protocols (e.g. Java URLConnection, etc.). As this downloads are triggered periodically via JBoss TimerService I have a problem, if the connection hangs. Because in this case I get no Exception, the MDB will simply hang infinitely.


      Is there any way to stop a running MDB instance from outside (at best automatically by JBoss)? Because I'm using the "@Pool"-annotation with "maxSize=5" to reduce the number of concurrent network connections, I'm out of available instances if some MDBs hang.


      I've tried some ideas so far, but without success:

      • "@TransactionTimeout(...)" respectively "@ActivationConfigProperty(propertyName = "transactionTimeout", propertyValue = "...")": This stops the transaction indeed, but the MDB is still running and not released/destroyed.
      • "@Pool(timeout=...)": But this only rejects new requests from execution.


      I'm using EJB3 on JBoss 5.1.0 AS.


      Thanks in advance!