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    validateRegExpr with a4j:support does not display Summary me

    Boryana Chavkova Newbie

      When I am using validateRegExpr from version 1.1.8 and a4j tag library, custom summary message and detail message don't display.
      I debuged ValidationBase.class and found that getStringValue(FacesContext context, ValueExpression vb) returns null when invoke "onblur", but when submit the form this returns correct value.

      This is the code:

      <t:panelGroup id="fullNamePanel">
      <t:inputText id="fullName" forceId="true" value="#{mAdultSignUpBean.adult.bcard.fullName}" required="true">
      <t:validateRegExpr pattern="[a-zA-Z-\. ]{1,120}" summaryMessage="#{error['format.fullname']}" "/>
      <a4j:support event="onblur" reRender="fullNamePanel" ajaxSingle="true"/>
      <t:message for="fullName" styleClass="errormsg" showDetail="true" />