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    task-node node replacement in jbpm 4

    ashutosh deora Newbie

      i have a tag like the below mentioned


      <task-node name="HBA Parking Mobility" async="true">
      <task name="HBA Parking Mobility" description="HBA Parking Mobility">
      <assignment handler="exienta.bpm.drools.SimpleRuleBasedAssignmentHandler"
      <transition to="Parking Mobility fertig"></transition>

      <task-node name="xxxxxxxx" async="true">

      <task name="xxxxxxxx" description="xxxxxxxx">

      <assignment handler="java.class"






      <transition to="xxxxxxxx"></transition>



      this is a process written in jbpm 3.2.2

      how the same will be written in jbpm 4.3


      please suggest with possible solutions

      its urgent

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          Maciej Swiderski Master

          not entirely sure if that is what is required but you could start with something like this:


          <task name="review" >
              <assignment-handler class="org.jbpm.examples.task.assignmenthandler.AssignTask">
                <field name="assignee">
                  <string value="johndoe" />
              <transition to="wait" />

          Please take a look at user guide for more details