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    tomcat server.xml configuration not working as expected.

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      I did try placing the context entry in the host in the corresponding server.xml file, I got the following error


      >>Caused by: org.jboss.xb.binding.JBossXBRuntimeException: Context cannot appear in this >>position. Expected content of Host is unordered_sequence: Listener* Valve* Alias*

      >>Realm? Attributes?


      This is already pointed by other folks at the following forum enteries.



      The reason for this is clear from the existense of the following commened code

      // In AS 5+, hardcoding contexts should be forbidden

      //private List<ContextMetaData> contexts;


      The above code is commented in the following code




      This looks to me as the missing feature in Jboss5, it seems we can't do much right now as this also does not have specific working cases



      I would like to hear from you before I start taking a deeper look at it, this appears to me as the BUG.