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    PicketLink IDM Branch Versions


      Based on discussion with Bolek this morning, we decided that the following branching strategy will be done:


      Version 1.1 : Current PL IDM in use.

      Version 1.5:  With Shane's JPA work

      Version 2.0:  To cater to AS7 domain model as well as PL STS refactor needs

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          For AS7 domain model work, I am guessing we will need a scaled down version of the object model.  Details will get hashed out starting next week.


          For PL STS 2.0 token providers,  since we are going to be using the API of IDM (rather than SPI), we need to convey to Bolek what the changes in IDM api are needed.  Since we will have about 3 usages of token providers - ws-t saml, saml and maybe openid, we can get a decent picture of the API changes.