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    Removing message from a queue with a servlet

    Levona Hershtik Newbie



      I'm trying to create a servlet which enables it's users to delete messages from a queue.

      My code is working when I run it as standalone but it is not working when I execute it as a servlet. (Although I do get a positive reply from my request the messages are not actually removed from the queue)


      I guess there is something I should do different since it's a servlet but I'm not sure what it is.


      My code:

      InitialContext context = getContext();   // Same context used to send a message using a servlet - which works
      QueueConnectionFactory cf = (QueueConnectionFactory)context.lookup("/ConnectionFactory");
      QueueConnection connection = cf.createQueueConnection("user", "password");
      QueueSession session = connection.createQueueSession(false, Session.AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE);           
      Queue managementQueue = HornetQJMSClient.createQueue("hornetq.management");
      QueueRequestor requestor = new QueueRequestor(session, managementQueue);           
      Message m = session.createMessage();
                      "removeMessages", filter);
      Message reply = requestor.request(m);
      boolean success = JMSManagementHelper.hasOperationSucceeded(reply);         


      success is true, but the messages are still in the queue.


      I'm using version 2.1.2.


      I'll appreciate any help