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    ComboBox in ModalPanel problem

    Clemens P Newbie



      I have a problem using a combobox with a4j:support within a modalpanel...

      (Richfaces Version 3.3.2.SR1)


      The code looks something like this:


      <rich:comboBox id="theid" value="#{backingBean.selectionValue}" suggestionValues="#{backingBean.suggestionValues}">

           <a4j:support event="onchange"
                                      action="#{backingBean.calculateSomething}" reRender="something" />



      If I use this in a rich:modalPanel the selected value is not available during the execution of the "calculateSomething" method...


      If I don't use it in a modalPanel it works ( the selected value in the combobox is set when the "calculateSomeghint" method is executed...