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    RichFaces 4.0.M2 Post-Mortem Discussions

    Jay Balunas Master

      I have just completed the write up and minutes for the RichFaces M2 post-mortem : RichFaces 4.0.M2 Port-Mortem Minutes 9-7-2010


      This forum thread will be used to kick off discussions on open issues.  Some of the items form the port-mortem just need jira's creates, other require more discussion on what we want to do.


      Current Open Items

      • Generated taglib docs
        • Jira links added to minutes
      • Updates to component jira process to keep jira/wiki up to date
        • Jira added to minute
        • If questions or review needed, post separately.
      • How to improve initial quality of components
        • Jira links added to minutes with process updates for this
      • Developer sample archetype will it help?
      • Streamlining component development
        • What is the biggest time taker?
        • Are designs, requirements, and markup ready when needed?
      • Issues with dev branch usage from Minsk
        • Specifically svnmerge, and jboss svn