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    Rich:datatable & datascroller index is not getting reset

    raga t Newbie



      We are using richfaces 3.3.3 and rich:datatable and datascroller are used. When a a4j:commandbutton is clicked, using reRender attribute, the datatable and datascroller are getting rendered. The datascoller is not resetting it's current page number to 1 instead maintaining the previously viewed page number.


      My datascroller code in the jsp is as follows:


      <rich:dataTable id="searchResultsTable" sortMode="single" width="100%"           var="result" rendered="#{not empty entitySearchBean.searchResults}" value="#{entitySearchBean.searchResults}" binding="#{entitySearchBean.searchResultsDataBinding}" rows="10">


      <rich:datascroller for="searchResultsTable" renderIfSingle="false" maxPages="10" page="1"/>


      I'm setting the  searchResultsDataBinding.setFirst(0) in my action method.



      Is there any thing i'm missing to reset the current page in the datascroller or datatable?


      - Raga