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    PieChart doesn't work

    denissonsantos Newbie



      I have a problem with the richfaces + primefaces. I'm using  primefaces pieChart and rich:panelMenu at the same page. If i use the  pieChart alone, it works fine, but if i to use pieChart + panelMenu, my  chart doesn't appear!


      I.E: the chart appear, but the colors are default.
      FF: Just appear the chart's square legend with the colors default.



      <p:pieChart categoryField=" #{historico.nome}" id="chart"
                  value="#{historico_situacao.dadosGrafico}" var="historico"
                  style="chartStyle" seriesStyle="myStyle" />



      var chartStyle = { padding: 20,
                         legend: { display:"right",
      var myStyle = { colors : [0x0194f4, 0xed0001, 0xf1e501, 0xf00000]