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    onclick event in modal panel in scrollableDataTable

    John Ziobro Newbie

      I have a scrollableDataTable with cells filled with <div>
      Now clicking on cell highlight a row of scrollableDataTable. 
      Maybe somebody knows how to switch off event (onclick) in scrollableDataTable but leave it on in div_s inside a cell.
      Event onclick in cell is needed for modalPanel to popup.

      I need a scrollableDataTable for frozenColumns.

      maybe some binding of events / passing event would help but I don't know how to do this.

      Please help.

      sample code :

      main xhtml:
      <ui:composition ...>
         <ui:include src="File_with_modal_panel.xhtml" />   <---- This one works (clicking on it show modalPanel)






               <ui:include src="File_with_modal_panel.xhtml">    <---- This one does not work (clicking on it highlights a row)
              <ui:param name="index" value="#{ind}_#{eee.id}" />


      <rich:modalPanel  id="panel#{index}" >
              <ui:include src="abc.xhtml">
                  <ui:param name="some" value="#{something}" />
      <s:div value="#" id="link#{index}">
         <rich:componentControl for="panel#{index}" attachTo="link#{index}"  operation="show" event="onclick" />