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    Apache + mod_jk + Jboss issue. Resource available directly to JBoss but not throw apache

    Juan Garat Newbie



          I have Apache as front end of Jboss using mod_jk. I have an issue when i invoke a particular button, the response never comes, and I get a "Bad Request" message from Apache, as a result of timeout. If I invoke this button directly to the JBoss, works fine, I get the response in seconds.


      I been analyzing some logs and network packages to understand this behavior, but i can't find anything. I'm new with apache and mod_jk and I don't understand to much the modjk debug log.


      I attached the modjk log in debug level generated since I invoke the button until I received the bad request.



      Apache Versión: Apache/2.2.3

      Moj_jk: 1.2.28   . I upgraded to 1.2.30 and the same.

      JBoss: Jboss EAP 4.3_CP06.


      We have ModSecurity installed in apache, but I disabled and we get the same behavior.