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    Compatiblity issues

    adam kanicki Newbie

      I paste my post I sent to PrimeFaces couse problems occurs after adding RichFaces to my project.


      I have created my own jsf component and when I insert for instance  p:dialog as a child of my component, my component stops to react for  event like resize. But this is a little problem couse   i can  put  p:dialog outside my component and do the same logic.


      But, today i  wanted to add to my project RichFaces. What happend? <p:dialog>  stops to work. Dialog disapears and content of dialog is displays like  it would be used without dialog :). my component stops to work too.


      So  what have i done? first i have change my javascript code for my  component. I use jQuery so i find that there will be a conflict with  libraries. In order to prevent conflicts i have changed all my jquery  calls like this:

      var $aikQuery = jQuery.noConflict();

      if(!aik) var aik = {};
      if(!aik.component) aik.component = {};
      aik.component.layoutpanel = {

         currentForm: null,
         resizable: function(selector, parentSelector, panel, formId){
            var obj        = "#" + selector;
            var parent     = "#" + parentSelector;
            currentForm      = formId;
            currentPanel   = selector;


      So instead of using $() and jQuery() i use $aikQuery() . After this change my components starts to work again, but p:dialog not ;)

      .  So i have reviewed PR source code and find that this avoiding of  conflicts is not used. So i would recomend to do the same like i have  done to prevent conflicts.


      so, i send my post to RF too.