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    Drag and Drop Support in 4.0?

    Roger Martin Newbie



      I'm looking to migrate some previous work which  made nifty use of the drag and drop support.  Yet I'm not seeing where  this functionality went in 4.0.  Is it known by some other name?


      import org.richfaces.component.Dropzone;
      import org.richfaces.event.DropEvent;
      import org.richfaces.event.DropListener;
           public class EventBean implements DropListener {
               private com.ics.chemistry.dnd.DndBean dndBean;


              public void processDrop(DropEvent dropEvent) {
                   Dropzone dropzone = (Dropzone) dropEvent.getComponent();
                   dndBean.moveFramework(dropEvent.getDragValue(), dropzone.getDropValue());


              public com.ics.chemistry.dnd.DndBean getDndBean() {
               return dndBean;


              public void setDndBean(com.ics.chemistry.dnd.DndBean dndBean) {
               this.dndBean = dndBean;