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    Classic ASP in JBoss Web?

    zack howler Newbie

      to start, I've read a discussion in here with one person saying he can't edit ASP pages using JBoss portals and one suggested to use JBoss Web. Fast forward to now, I had JBoss Web installed but the documentation didn't mention how to use ASP in it.


      What I wanted to do to create a login page for two of our company's websites that run on ASP. Both had their separate logins but what we wanted is if they log in using the login page that's going to be created by JBoss, they will be automatically logged in to both sites, which can be seen simultaneously via iframes created by JBoss.


      Unfortunately, I'm pretty much a newbie to JBoss so I would really appreciate it if someone here can show me the ropes on how to do this. Thank you very much in advance.