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    Problem with rich:panelmenuitem

    thematt Newbie

      Hello All,


      i have a rendering problem with a rich:panelmenuitem.


      That´s my code in a short version:


      <rich:panelMenu id="panel_navigation" mode="ajax" >

                  <rich:panelMenuGroup label="Group1" expanded="true">

                      <rich:panelMenuItem label="item1"/>

                      <rich:panelMenuItem label="item2"/>



                  <rich:panelMenuGroup label="Group2" rendered=" -- is item1 clicked --- ">

                      <rich:panelMenuItem label="item3" />




      Group2  is be rendering when i clicked on item1. Then I see the group2 with the  name, but no item3. I don´t no why i can´t see item3. When I refresh  the site, then I see item3.


      Sorry, for my english, that is not the best ;-).


      Thank you