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    why it display:Not loaded in repository cache

    Hades Shadow Newbie

      acrroding the  JBoss AS4 Admin Guide


      1. Check the UnifiedLoaderRepository3 classes cache associated with the UnifiedClassLoader3. If the class is
      found in the cache it is returned.
      2. Else, ask the UnfiedClassLoader3 if it can load the class. This is essentially a call to the superclass URLClass-
      Loader.loadClass(String, boolean) method to see if the class is among the URLs associated with the class
      loader, or visible to the parent class loader. If the class is found it is placed into the repository classes cache
      and returned.
      3. Else, the repository is queried for all UCLs that are capable of providing the class based on the repository
      package name to UCL map. When a UCL is added to a repository an association between the package names
      available in the URLs associated with the UCL is made, and a mapping from package names to the UCLs with
      classes in the package is updated. This allows for a quick determination of which UCLs are capable of loading
      the class. The UCLs are then queried for the requested class in the order in which the UCLs were added to the
      repository. If a UCL is found that can load the class it is returned, else a java.lang.ClassNotFoundException
      is thrown.


      I put my jar into the  location : jboss-4.0.3SP1\server\default\lib\mydeploy.jar


      when I open the jmx-console to check the UCL load the mydeploy.SequenceTest.class


      why it display :

      mydeploy.SequenceTest Information
      Not loaded in repository cache

      ### Instance0 found in UCL: org.jboss.mx.loading.UnifiedClassLoader3@105eb6f{ url=file:/C:/Genuitec/jboss-4.0.3SP1/server/default/tmp/deploy/tmp32703jboss-service.xml ,addedOrder=2}

      I have checking it's value twice,  response is the same.


      UCL load the SequenceTest.class  But why "Not loaded in repository cache".