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    jboss 5 /tmp sub-directories not being cleared

    m tyle Newbie

      We are running JBoss AS 5.1.0.GA on several Linux servers.  We noticed that within the /tmp directory, several sub-directories that contain exploded war files are persisting across container restarts.  Every restart of the container redploys our apps and creates new sub-directories.  Each sub-directory is given a unique id, e.g., ak1e26-xl39o3-gdxav7ar-1-gdxay8yh-bq.  Therefore, multiple copies of the same exploded war are now present on our systems.  What is causing this behavior? 


      Interestingly, the /tmp/deploy folder seems not to be used.  It never has any entries after a restart.  Wasn't this the directory that should be involved in application deployments?