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    GateIn inquiry

    Ahmad Adeel Newbie

      I have been looking to build a portal with following capabilities,


      - web content management

      - document management

      - any blog app

      - wiki

      - search

      - deploying existing portlets (build on JBoss Portal) on Gate In

      - Portlet to Portlet communication (each portlet with different .war file)


      and am struggling with all of them,


      I can't find the WCM that I can deploy on GateIn. My assumption was I could download some ear from eXo and deploy it on GateIn - can't find it.

      Same is the case with Document Management, blog and wiki.

      I heard that now GateIn is integrated with Lucene search, don't know how to get it going or disabling it.

      As soon as I deploy my old portlets (deployed on JBoss Portal), I get Outofmemory error. GateIn is running on xmx1024

      Any suggestion on portlet communication deployed with different ear files?


      We are considering GateIn for our company, but am struggling with it.

      I would really appreciate if someone can provide me the respective documentation or any insights on how I can get the above going.


      I did downloaded the bundle from exo earlier, looks like this is bundled up with the tomcat, no signs of JBoss at all, why is it like that?

      We already have a server running with JBoss GateIn. we want wcm to be deployed on it, getting my point?





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          Ahmad Adeel Newbie

          Any suggestions on any of the issues mentioned above?

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            Prabhat Jha Master



            Most of features you have asked are present using GateIn and its extensions  specially eXo content (WCM and DMS). You just need to be more throrough on your research and do some work integrating them.


            You have mentioned "Portlet to Portlet communication (each portlet with different .war file)" but this is a feature of any JSR-286 compliant portal servers such as GateIn or JBoss Portal or others. As I said, you just need to be patient in your research. ;-)

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              Ahmad Adeel Newbie

              Hi Prabhat,


              thanks for your reply, unfortunately i still couldn't find the stand alone extensions that can be integrated with GateIn.

              For the second part, Portlet to Portlet communication, I had tried once before with no luck, but tried it again with a fresh project, it works.