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    Large scale infinispan deployments?

    Edouard Boily Newbie



      Last February, Manik said here:


      Where we stand right now, we are very close to releasing GA (general availability) to the community. The reason why we've held back is we finally got our hands on a very large grid to test on. In the past we've only been testing on medium sized grid of 20 or 30 nodes and we finally got a chance to test on 1000 nodes.


      Are the results of these large scale deployments (1000 nodes) test available?


      I am trying to get information on some large scale infinispan deployment to see to what level it has been tested in term of number of nodes, number of elements, geographical distribution, etc.


      Are there any reference deployments? I did some googling but did not find much information.


      Thanks for your answers.


      - Edouard