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    Root element and class renames

    David Lloyd Master

      I have created a patch (http://github.com/dmlloyd/jboss-as/commit/d88bf94) which contains the following changes:

      1. The following classes are renamed:
        1. Domain -> DomainModel
        2. DomainParser -> DomainModelParser
        3. Host -> HostModel
        4. HostParser -> HostModelParser
        5. Standalone -> ServerModel
        6. StandaloneParser -> ServerModelParser
      2. The "standalone" root element is renamed to "server" in the example configs and the XSD


      These changes make the AbstractModel implementations more consistent (namewise) with the AbstractModelElement implementations.  It also eliminates the problematic "Standalone" term with "Server" without introducing a significant ambiguity with the domain use of "Server".


      Since this patch very likely overlaps with work that others are doing at the moment I'm going to sit on it for a day or so (longer if enough people shout), and I'll resolve conflicts as they come up as existing topic branches are merged.  However, I recommend that people starting new topic branches consider starting from this commit until it gets merged to avoid having to deal with merge conflicts later.