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    defining assignmenthandler with EL?

    Jimmy Smith Newbie

      I have:


      <assignment-handler class="#{assignHandler}"/>


      where assignHandler is a var set for the execution with the full classname of the java assignment handler.


      But this gives:


      org.jbpm.pvm.internal.wire.JbpmClassNotFoundException: couldn't load class #{assignHandler}


      Is it at all possible to do what I want to do? Or how can I dynamically select an assignmenthandler?

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          Michael Wohlfart Expert

          seems like EL expressions are not resolved for the class attribute,

          I am not 100% sure what you try to do, but can you use a single class, inject the set of assignHandlers you have and delegate to the one you are actually using?

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            Jimmy Smith Newbie

            I have an object with participants, eg supervisors, participants, etc.


            Somewhere in the flow there is a task that will be executed based on the result of a previous task. Same task, but the previous result will result in a different AssignmentHandler being invoked. It just seems so much neater than to do the check in code. Not a biggie though.


            Ran into something similar that has a bigger negative impact, as the workaround for this will be nasty:


            Sadly the EL is not working for formName either:


            <task form="/process/tasks/verifySiteDetails.xhtml?siteId=#{execution.key}" name="Verify Site Details">

            Doesn't work.