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    maven-jdocbook-plugin relative image Urls with html format

    gonzalad Apprentice



      I'm using maven-jdocbook-plugin version 2.3.3.


      When using xhtml formatName, I obtain relative image urls (for instance : <img src="images/perf-jsf-list-uirepeat1.jpg"/>)

      When using html formatName, I obtain absolute image urls (for instance, using the same docbook file : <img src="file:/C:/dev/java/sphinx/sphinx-reference-guide/target/docbook/staging/images/images/perf-jsf-list-uirepeat1.jpg"/>).


      I think there's a bug in StandardDocBookFormatMetadata.java file :

      HtmlBasedFormatMetadata constructor should call setRequiresImagePathSetting(false).


      Update : maven-jdocbook-plugin project has no issue tracking system, so I hope some help is available in this forum, otherwise please direct me in the good location !