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    Return Response to Correct HttpGateway

    ben leake Newbie


      Here is the scenario - hopefully someone can help?


      Service_B is deployed on 2 ESB services, esb_1, esb_2


      HttpGateway_A is deployed on esb_1


      In HttpGateway_A (deployed on esb_1), a ServiceInvoker deligates a request (request_A) to Service_B on esb_1.....The response from Service_B is correctly returned in the response to request_A....Good, this works.


      HOWEVER, if the ServiceInvoker passes the request_A to service_B on esb_2 (IE different ESB server), the RESPONSE FROM service_B is lost and DOES NOT get returned to the HttpGateway_A response....ARRRGHHH!


      What do I need to configure to make this happen please?


      (It must be possible otherwise jbossEsb is flawed which I assume it isn´t)


      A thousand thanks for any direction on this.