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    which portal solution? recommendation needed

    Markus Schulz Newbie



      i'm  currently exploring portal solutions (especially gatein-simple-portal) if i could use it for the following requirements:


      1. each portlet acts like an app on a desktop-os (only one portal page needed -> the desktop)
      2. the user selects an app-icon and the portlet was rendered in the main-content-window
      3. each deployed portlet is available to (nearly) each user in the app-list (special portlet app, like a Start Menu)
      4. portlets implemented with seam+jsf (jboss-portlet-bridge)


      problematic according to my present knowledge are requirements 2 and 3.

      is there a portal solution where i can get a list of all deployed portlets and show a clickable icon for each one (req. 2)?

      Can i dynamically change the portlet which should render in a specific window (main-content-window) on a page (req. 3)?


      I've take a look into the simple-portal, it should be possible to expand the tag-library with a new special tag (<portletcontentwindow>) and provide a interface to change the portlet which should render into it. Is it a good way?


      The simple-portal Admin-Portlet can query for all deployed portlet-applications/portlets, it uses the PortletApplicationRegistry-Bean, but this was only injected into the PortletContext for portlets which are deployed inside the portal. Is there a way to access them from other portlets too?