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    REST support

    glaucus augustus Newbie


      I read that ODE does support wsdl 1.1 http binding, so makes possible to invoque the services in a REST way.


      Does Riftsaw support the http binding? wsdl2.0? there is a way to use REST invocations to the services?


      Thank you in advance

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          Gary Brown Master

          In the Apache ODE project, the HTTP binding is provided by the Axis2 integration layer.


          RiftSaw uses jbossws for its integration, supporting jbossws-native and cxf web service stacks. jbossws does not provide REST support.


          In terms of the JBoss software stack, we have the RESTeasy project to provide REST support - but currently we don't have integration between RESTeasy and RiftSaw. Therefore it may be best to raise a feature request in the riftsaw jira.