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    help with pickList

    Kashif Nazar Newbie


      I am looking for two things in the pickList but did not get any thing about it. So I need some help from you guys.

      1. Is there any thing like hover on the selectItems of the pickList. So that before selecting an item, I can hover on the option and see the description of that item.

      2. Is grouping in pickList possible? Like every selectItem belongs to some category and the options are displayed in a hierarchical form so that the user can select the items from level 2 but not from level 1.

      I hope I am able to clarify my requirements. Please help me with this.

      Thanks in advance,

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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          1) First point could be achieved using listShuttle. (toltip could be pointed to the components in columns) Unfortunatelly it not possible to attach it to select items.

          2) grouping functionality isn't available with both listshuttle and pickList components.

          So seems you need some custom facelets to achieve the functionality you need.

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            Kashif Nazar Newbie

            I have thought of a workout against this situation of grouped items. I am thinking of making the level 1 options unselectable in the pickList. I tried by setting the attribute disabled to true. But the items are still selectable. Is there any other solution for this?