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    Cluster between JBoss5.1GA and JBoss4.2.3GA

    le.yep Newbie



      I would like to create a cluster between two differents JBoss AS (one JBoss5.1 and the other one JBoss4.2.3).

      First of all : is it possible ?


      After some search, I saw that JBoss5.1 use JBossMessaging1.4.3 and so, I would like to plug this JBossMessaging on my JBoss4.2.3... BUT I didn't find JBossMessaging1.4.3 here. So I tried to plug a JBossMessaging1.4.2 then a JBossMessaging1.4.5 on my JBoss4.2.3.

      Both JBoss are still not comunicating, they don"t recognise each other...


      I also try to boot two JBoss4.2.3 with the same JBoss messaging and, there is no problem. So I guess, the problem comes from JBossMessagingVersion...



      Can someone confirm me it is possible to create a cluster using : JBoss5.1 + JBoss4.2.3 (with JBossMessaging) ? and with version sould I use to do that.




      thx a lot !

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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          JBoss 4.2 use JBossMQ as message provider as default.

          With JBoss 4.3 the default JMS provider was switched to JBossMessaging.


          We try to run different applications  (without cluster) with 4.3 and 5.x and give up because of different problems (e.g. transactions).

          I suppose that you will have more problems if you run both version within one cluster because of different (incompatible) client APIs