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    datatable include problem

    Rene Gritsch Newbie

      We have a datatable with an dynamic <a4j:include   .... (see below)


      When we output the node and mainpage it looks okay.

      But as soon as we use an include, we get an error that the viewId cannot be resolved.

      It looks like, that while the render phase it is okay. What does the datatable internal, is the include resolved before or?





      <rich:dataTable value="#{model}" var="node" width="100%">
              <rich:column width="100%">
                      <h:outputText value="node : #{node}"/>
                      <h:outputText value="mainpage : #{node.mainPage}"/>
                      <!-- Problem starts here -->
                      <a4j:include viewId="#{node.mainPage}">
                          <ui:param name="model" value="#{node}"/>
          </rich:dataTable> {code}






      node : com.generali.fipos.iss.bo.kfz_2010_01.deckungskombination.evp.FahrzeugIndividuell@bac554                
      mainpage : /gui/product/bo/kfz_2010_01/deckungskombination/evp/FahrzeugIndividuell.xhtml


      Model and page are fine and without datatable everything is okay. We also tried an c:forEach and ui:repeat same here, because forEach acts incorrect too, because we change the list size dynamically too with an add and remove button.

      Our Views are all generated and we use the include alot, we really need any solution for this :-( !


      Is there no solution for RF-1328 ? Can we write our own datatable implementation to fix this? What is the problem exactly ?