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    Reloaded naming change for standalone modules

    Carlo de Wolf Master

      Reloaded-naming needs a change to accomodate for standalone modules. Right now there no way to determine whether something is a stand-alone module or not, leading to wrongly generated names.


      Previously JavaEEModule.getApplication() would return null for a stand-alone module. This did not work out, so I changed it to always return an application. Plus according to EE.8.5 even a stand-alone module is consider to be a Java EE application. This however leads to the generation of wrong names, because appName should only be used if the module is part of an EAR (see EJB 3.1 4.4.1 for example).


      So effective immediately I'm going to enforce this principal and add the following to JavaEEApplication:

      interface JavaEEApplication {
         boolean isEnterpriseApplicationArchive();


      Any component that makes does not follow this principle is considered broken and will not be hacked anymore and must be fixed properly.


      Expect trunk failures / breakage.