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    Conceptual change to JavaEEComponent

    Carlo de Wolf Master

      Right now JavaEEComponent is modeled in a lot of component as only having a name. For proper resolving to function both a module path and name must be known. (See EE 8.1.1 for definitions.)


      Effective immediately JavaEEComponent is changed with:

      interface JavaEEComponent {
         String getName(); // was already in there
         String getPathname();


      JavaEE 6 EE.8.1.1

      All Java EE modules have a name. The name can be explicitly set in the
      deployment descriptor for the module. If not set, the name of the module is the
      pathname of the module in the ear file with any filename extension (.jar, .war,
      .rar) removed, but with any directory names included.

      New components coming into AS must expect this construct to function. Any existing components that do not adhere are considered faulty and must be fixed or removed.


      This will break trunk.