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    Not valid HTML attributes when rendering some components (ri

    Juan Gonzalez Newbie

      I have been testing rich:layout and rich:layoutPanel, and it seems it is rendering wrong some attributes.

      <rich:layoutPanel> seems to render a div with some style classes, but it renders the "width" attribute too. Example:

      <div class=" rich...." width="80%"...>

      This is WRONG and it's not HTML valid, because div element hasn't got such attribute (width must be added to "style" attribute as css property, richfaces is doing this well).

      It would be great if richfaces is able to render valid xhtml that can pass the HTML valid tests (like Tidy HTML plugin for Firefox).

      Some exception to this could be the "javax.faces.ViewState" form element that is needed every time a form is rendered, and there is no workaround AFAIK.

      Thanks very much!