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    Glassfish Embedded container settings in arquillian.xml error

    Ken Finnigan Master



      I'm experiencing a very strange problem when trying to use Arquillian Alpha4 SP1 with Glassfish Embedded.


      I've defined the following arquillian.xml file:

      <?xml version="1.0"?>
      <arquillian xmlns="http://jboss.com/arquillian"


      When running my test it didn't appear to be picking up the contents of the sun resources file so I stepped through the XMLConfigurationBuilder to see what was happening.


      Inside matchContainerConfiguration of XMLConfigurationBuilder it executes the following:

            // select the container configuration that matches the package
            for (ContainerConfiguration cc : containerConfigurations) 
               if (cc.getClass().getName().startsWith(pkg)) 
                  containerConfig = cc;                     


      There is only one container configuration present within the collection, Glassfish, and the if statement finds a match and enters the body but when it reaches the line trying to assign cc to containerConfig; cc is no longer a valid variable so null is assigned.


      I've never seen anything like this happen before, does anyone know what might be causing it?