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    Combobox problems

    Erik Brink Newbie

      We have some problems using the RichFaces combobox.

      When the combobox is opened during a rerender of the same combobox the opened combo popup looses focus and it won't close anymore. The only way to close it is by a full page refresh.

      Another issue occures when we enable directInputSuggestion. When a value is typed the focus jumps to the end of the autocompleted value and the rest of the user input is typed behind the autocompleted value. This can be reproduced on the Richfaces demo site with the combobox third sample. Type "denver" without waiting for autocompletion and the result of typing this is "denverver".

      I hope you can fix these problems for me. These issues are very anoying for the users of my application.

      Thanks for your time!