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    How to enable JBoss ESB 4.4 for HTTPS calls?

    jagjeetduhan Newbie



      I am new to JBoss ESB. we have a requirement in our project to call our esb service from external client using https post. The external system will be calling our esb service through HTTPS post and then our esb service will process that request message and send it to some other system. we are using JBoss ESB standalone 4.4 server for development and JBoss soa-p 4.3 for integrated environment.

                                    We tried the quickstart example https_2_ssl to achieve the same. That example works fine with the JBoss provided http router, but it does not work if we try to hit the http port using some external http client. We have made changes in jboss-web.deployer server.xml file to enable the https port along with creation of server and client certificates to make call to our esb with the open end point for http requests. But it does not work. Can we make a https call using external client to the esb? Do we need to make some configuration changes in server files to enable https port apart from what i mentioned above?

      we dont have any clue over how to proceed further. Please help us out in resolving this issue.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Nikos Massios Novice

          Hello Jags


          If you mean can you call the ESB using HTTPS then the answer is yes. We are doing that. I guess you are using jboss 4 while we are using jboss 5.1 GA but I can't think that this is a problem.


          We didn't need to make a lot of changes. We made a server certificate we didn't change jboss-web.deployer server.xml file but the corresponding file for Jboss 5.1 GA to enable the https transport and to give the transport the correct certificate.


          We are using a web service. A simple way to test that everything is setup fine is to try entering the https wsdl URL in a web browser at the client machine and see if you are getting a response.