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    HA Question and 99.999% uptime

    Peter Oxenham Newbie

      Does HornetQ offer a configuration which provides 99.999% uptime?


      At my current employment we use JMS as our middle-ware with the majority of messages being non-persistent and sending/receiving is non-transactional.  There is a push here to offer 99.999% uptime for all our systems with the following use cases.


      1. Broker failure
      2. Broker upgrade/reconfiguration
      3. Client upgrade


      From what I have read in the documentation a HA configuration would cover scenario 1 with the understanding that non-persistent messages will be lost. That seems acceptable.


      In respect to scenario 2 my first thought would be a clustered topology with each node in the cluster in a HA configuration. Would this cover scenario 2 with the caveat that no messages are lost when a broker is taken out of the cluster, including non-persistent messages?