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    Is there a maven plugin to launch an embedded JBoss container?

    Steven Boscarine Apprentice

      Hello All,

      Is there a plugin that can download and launch an embedded JBoss container from Maven?


      I wasn't able to find any reference to such plugin.  If it doesn't already exist, how difficult would it be to build?  If embedded JBoss can be launched from Arquillian, wouldn't it be straightforward to do something similarly from maven?


      I really enjoy development with the Jetty and embedded glassfish maven plugin.  They are very practical for a number of reasons, both for actual development as well as allowing new users or non-developers to run our prototypes locally.


      For those that my have not seen these plugins in the past, the Jetty plugin is one of my favorite maven plugins.  A user adds a small section to the <build> portion of their pom and when they launch mvn jetty:run, the plugin builds the war, downloads the container, and launches it.  The user can now see their app at localhost:8080/${my-context-name}.  The plugins also have the ability to reload individual classes or files, so you can edit CSS/xhtml files and see your changes in real-time (if your IDE publishes to target).  With an additional parameter, you can reload classes, so you can see servlet or business logic changes as fast as Jetty can redeploy.


      It would be nice to have that power, but with the JBoss AS container.


      If the plugin doesn't already exist and there is interest on the part of JBoss, I might be interested in helping out to build it.