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    <h:commandButton> doesn't work in <rich:popupPanel>

    Paul Ł. Newbie


      there is a problem with popupPanel component.

      I have in it both <h:commandButton> and <h:commandLink> which do the same thing.

      But the commandLink works and commandButton does not.


      Here is an exmaple code how it looks:

      <rich:popupPanel id="popupDel" height="120">
             <h:commandLink action="#{someBean.delete(element)}" value="delete" />
             <h:commandLink onclick="#{rich:component('popupDel')}.hide()" value="cancel" />
             <br />
             <h:commandButton action="#{someBean.delete(element)}" value="delete" />
             <h:commandButton value="cancel">
                 <rich:componentControl target="popupDel" operation="hide" />


      Of course the popupPanel is placed in a form.

      Maybe there is some reason that commandButton doesn't work.

      If anyone know, please tell me.