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    How to use CAS with multiple portal containers?

    abyttner Newbie

      Using GateIn version 3.1 we have successfully managed to set up a single portal (the default one) using CAS authentication. We have also been able to set up multiple portals using multiple portal containers and GateIn default authentication.


      However, when trying to configure the platform to use CAS in combination with multiple portal containers we're stumbling. As far as we can tell from the configuration and code of  org.gatein.sso.cas.plugin.AuthenticationPlugin the CAS plugin authenticates with GateIn using a preconfigured portal context and since each portal is running with it's own context we're no sure how this is suppose to work.


      Is there a way to dynamically set this context value in the CAS plug-in?


      Or would it be better for us to use an LDAP approach - where CAS authenticates with LDAP directly (not via any portal) and then configure the portals to use the same LDAP (however, the thread http://community.jboss.org/thread/149680 seems to indicate that this isn't straightforward to do)?




      // anders